Life is Short. Do Good Things. Be a Positive Force in the World


Hi, my name is Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, and I am a speaker, explorer of the power of virtual communities, and seasoned social media crisis communication expert.

What exactly does that mean? I write about the power of virtual communities to make great changes in the world, and I help companies, non profits, and individuals formulate social media communication plans for when something crazy happens – either online – or in the real world.  I help determine who will be the point person for information, how to make sure the media gets the correct information as soon as possible, and how to negotiate the online world when all eyes are on you. I do that either by helping develop an actual document, OR by speaking to groups about how to think about what to do if that situation happens.

Why am I uniquely qualified for that?  I’ve been in the middle of numerous social media crisis events (both good and bad, and both personal and business).  I’ve had a photo go “viral” (at one point it was called the most viral photo of all time). People showed up at my house, my email inbox exploded, and my Facebook became nearly unmanageable. Shortly after that, my husband passed away unexpectedly, and that turned into it’s own viral social media crisis. I took notes, lots of notes,on all of what happened, and now I help others navigate the craziness of personal and business social media crises. Check out the TEDx talk I did on it all here:  Social Media & the Power of Virtual Communities

Life is definitely short.  Do not get distracted by the negativity.  What is one thing that you can do today to make a positive impact?  We are all connected, and it is up to us to create a better world.