A much needed moment – the difference between rest and giving up.

Rest is needed in our lives – but some of us look at it as if we are giving up if we take ANY amount of time for ourselves to refuel.

Many, if not most, of the blogs I write are based on things that have happened in the past.  This one, however is a little more current, and really just an ongoing issue for me.  I think most self employed people, entrepreneurs, creatives, and anyone who is a high achieving perfectionist do this.

We just go.  We go at 8 million miles per hour. Whether it is in our personal lives, our businesses, or anywhere else. We just go. We think we are getting so much done – that we are busy – but really, this constant level of activity is doing nothing but hurting us.

We get burnt out, tired, anxious, bored, uninspired, and basically completely unproductive. Suddenly we want to give up – and this is usually at the moment when all of our hard work is going to pay off.

By taking a bit of time off, and being kind to ourselves, we can just rest our brains and our bodies.  This is NOT giving up.

Rest has a time limit – and a scheduled moment to return.

Giving up is permanent and destroys all the effort put forth in the past. Don’t give up.  Don’t ever give up. Starting up again takes more energy than you should have to give, based on the energy you have already put forth in the past.

Do not push through if you are feeling burnt out. Do not sacrifice your health for money.  You may be stressed financially – or see that you might possibly be in the future – but the culminative issues of working yourself to the bone will actually make it worse.  This could take the form of lack of creativity for future projects, or forced time off from medical issues (along with those medical bills).

When I take a rest from running, I always run harder and way better after those few days off.  I have built up energy and focus in the days off. The same can be said for the days off from our businesses- or our personal lives.

Rest is not a sign of weakness – it is actually a sign of inner strength, discipline, and focus.

How do we rest?  Set a moment to return to work.  Take a walk.  Stop thinking about it for 24 hours.  Meditate.  Turn off your phone. These things are not giving up, and are just examples.  It can be a 5 minute break, too.  Whatever it is. Just do it.

How do you rest?

rest vs giving up



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