Big or small, entrepreneurship is a wild ride.

I recently came across an interesting article on the Inc. website about the psychological price of entrepreneurship.  I think those that have never started or run a business have zero clue on how stressful it can be.  They assume that the smaller the business, the less stress being self employed is.  That could not be further from the truth.

How can we deal with other peoples’ attitudes about our choice of career?   We can do one of three things – 1) get defensive and obsess over how wrong they are, ignoring what we need to do in our businesses, and miss profits.  2) Remove them from our lives and only be around people who prop us up and tell us we are wonderful, or 3) understand and acknowledge that they may just be jealous and/or unhappy in their day to day lives, and continue to work on our businesses, large or small.  Let our profits speak for themselves, and stop wasting energy getting into arguments with people who won’t ever get it.

Getting worked up over others’ negativity only distracts us from doing what we love.  Weed those people out of your life – and if you can’t get rid of them, take comfort in the knowledge that you are taking responsibility for your own fiscal well being.  In the end, you will come out happier and healthier than any nay sayer will.


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