Dreams we have. And ways to see they never happen.

We all have dreams – and we can beat ourselves up relentlessly when we see others achieve their dreams easily while we’re still floundering. We feel stuck and unable to move forward with plans.  We see their overnight success as luck – when in fact, it is probably years of hard work and preparation.

I had been working on an article about how social media can kill our creativity and make us feel stuck (because of the above feelings) when I ran into this short but powerful TED talk by Bel Pesce.

Listen in and please share if you know someone else who can benefit from this video.  It makes a lot of sense.



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1 Comment

1 Comment on Dreams we have. And ways to see they never happen.

  1. Jack
    October 28, 2015 at 7:49 pm (5 years ago)

    We all fall victim to “Comparing”, ourselves against the world & everyone in it, to support a false perception of well being or “success” . You get to your present station in life on a unique path which no one in the history of man could have duplicated nor has taken, how can one compare that to anything ? How can one attain the achievements of others unless they have followed the others unique & unfollowable path? Your path leads to tomorrow & every step you have taken previously in your life has prepared you for that 1st step tomorrow . The way to have confidence in that step is in all of the experience you’ve gained & by dedicating yourself to doing the best you can for yourself at every opportunity which presents itself .
    Bel talks about “reaching the peak”… ascension requires a descent, one cannot reach any peak without having to make the climb from a lower altitude & it is that altitude which we must always naturally return to, life has never been a flat plain & peaks require valleys. Embrace YOUR path & journey & it’s peaks & valleys, do the best of your abilities for yourself & realize that change is normal & constant throughout the Universe, including life .
    Consider that we are all given 2 lives, the one we were born into & the one we create for ourselves after we’ve left the 1st one.
    It’s the 2nd one in which we gain our most value, invest in yourself & create the best you can, the result always more value & greater experience !