FB Live Q&A – Dispatches from Stewie’s Chair

I have been doing Tuesday night FB Live Q&A for business page admins over on Facebook for the past few weeks.  I have some quick tips and tricks to create to create Facebook page engagement, and I have now uploaded the series to You Tube!  You can see all of the videos here:  FB Business Page Admin questions.

A reminder – these are all live, so you will see me responding to peoples’ comments as the video goes on, and it is extremely informal.  I am actually in my dog’s chair (yes, my dog has his own Lazy Boy… 😉 ), so I have named the series “Dispatches from Stewie’s Chair”.  You can join us over on Facebook – click “follow” on my FB profile and you will be able to see me live every Tuesday at 6 pm CST.  I hope you find the videos useful!



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