How to create a successful online fundraiser with Give Forward

Creating an online fundraiser is pretty simple with Give Forward


One of the things that happened after Jim died was an online fundraiser set up by a group of photographer friends  (one out of many kind things that people did for me).  I didn’t need to do anything – my friends created the fundraiser, put in my address, and then the company contacted me to arrange payment.

After that, I became fascinated with the tool and did a few for people who needed extra help after a tragic event happened. It’s easy, it’s hands off for you, and it helps immensely.

Online fundraising works so well because it creates a way for people to help that does not require more than a few steps. The fundraiser made a central spot where people could just go without asking me what I needed. It also created a way for people to make a difference in my life who might be too far away to assist in physical ways.  Death and trauma makes people not want to bother the person involved, but they want to do something to help.  (The caveat to this – always ask before you set something up.  Some people do not want donations because of certain issues.)

The great thing about Give Forward, and most other online fundraising, is that you, the fundraiser,  do not have to touch any money.  That is a huge deal – you are not responsible for it being delivered to your friend or family member.  Money is the cause of many disagreements, and that can add to the stress of an already chaotic situation.  Take that part out, and you’re good to go!

The other great thing about doing an online fundraiser, is that it is easily share-able information.  With the click of a button, friends and family can spread factual information about how to donate to the recipient.

Here is the step by step process:  Give Forward Process

1) Sign in to Give Forward

2) Click “Create a Fundraiser”

3) Have the following info handy:

  • Recipients info and consent
  • The goal amount
  • Great photos to help tell the story of why people should give
  • An end date

4) Once the info is in place, publish the fundraiser, and start sharing.

These are my biggest tips for creating a successful online fundraiser:

  • Tell a story.  Let people know why you are doing this for your friend or family member.  How have they touched your life or others’ lives?
  • Share like crazy.  Once a day with updates and thank yous
  • Ask others to share.  They want to help!
  • Give updates.  Let people know how the recipient is doing.  You can also add them on as a team member so they can tel their own story.

I hope this helps you create a successful online fundraiser for your friend or family member!  They will definitely appreciate it – I know I did.

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