It’s ok to be a b*&%^ – oh, and that pukey feeling…

It’s not ok to be called that, but if hearing that from someone is what you fear before you act, it’s time to stop that.  You know you’re not a bitch, your allies/family/true friends/best customers know you’re not a bitch – and really, that’s who counts. 

Your first priority is YOU.  Without you the people who depend on you will not have what they need.

So, it’s ok to be a bitch about money when it comes to the financial life of your business, it’s ok to be a bitch when it comes to the health and safety of you and your loved ones, and it’s ok to be a bitch when standing up for what you believe in.

That being said, is not ok to be rude, disrespectful, condescending, or any combination of those things.

A simple “no thank you, I don’t believe that is my best option, I will be doing this” is much more effective than devolving into a personal fight that ruins your credibility and detracts from your cause.  Physically put your shoulders back and stand up straighter when you speak (or write) – that simple act can work wonders.

Stand your ground, do what matters, and fight through that about to puke feeling that sometimes happens when you have to stand up for yourself in a scary situation.  This is the only way change for the better will occur.


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